About Me

Severin Winkler

Severin Winkler works as a Cyber Security Advisor in Austria. He works professionally in the IT-security Information Security Cyber Security field since 2007 and currently lives near Linz. He has a background in Software Development, Scientific Security Research and Business Administration.

He is currently working at KPMG Austria’s Cyber Security Team trying to be digitalisation’s bodyguard.

When he is not in front of a computer the spends time with his family, tries to read as much books as possible, runs somewhere in the countryside, likes hiking and listening to music.

Furthermore he likes to improve and fiddle arount with the security of the ever-growing home network at home (partly cloud). He seeks to find the best semi-automated solution to keep-up with the constant information flow in the infosec area (yes I mean you twitter).

He teached at various institutes around Austria:

  • University of Technology: Software Security
  • FH Campus Vienna: Risk Management & Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Technikum Wien: Secure Operating Systems

He likes to talk at meetings & conferences (e.g. Security Forum Hagenberg, IT-SECX in St. Pölten, …) about topics like penetration testing and system security.

  • Formal education
    • University of Technology, Vienna
    • University of Vienna, Vienna